December Photo Fun – Week 5 – Magic




Our DecemberPhotoFun project has drawn to a close this week as we moved from December through into the New Year, and I hope everyone had a good and safe time.  I thought that the theme of Magic chosen by the kids was again a very clever one as at first thought you might be going oooh tricky but of course as you think about it the question arises what is Magic to you?  Once that thought gets germinating then it encompasses much that is truly remarkable about the world we live in and the magical experiences that we have, the cuddle of a new born baby; the explosion of fireworks; the creative magic contained with music, film,  art, books and theatre; the magic of the natural world around us in rainbows, flowers and cystals; ancient magic of ley lines; the abracadabra kind of magic and of course the magic of photography itself which is evident both in these pictures but write across the month.

This theme has very much been a great closing theme as we had no idea what each picture would contain and I think the final collection is stunning.  I’ve put the picture above at the top that was sent in by @artshed of his daughters’ first picture of the New Year that they thought looked like a magic castle.  This picture of brightness, hope and magic painted by a child and brought to this project encapsulates everything that we have been trying to achieve.

We (the kids and I) would like to pass on a huge thanks to all of you who have submitted photos in any of the 5 weeks.  I think the project has gone really well and combined with what we did over the summer has been a real highlight of 2012 for me.  I’d love to know what you have thought of the project in general and of course please comment on the photos and interpretations that you have liked.  As happened after the summer people have asked if we are going to continue and I guess that’s up to what people want.  I think that the summer and winter format works well and was thinking of doing that again in 2013 – if people have other ideas then let us know in the comments below or of course via twitter @ianstreet67.  Huge thanks once again, if feels quite humbling to reach out into the ether with a vague idea that people enjoy and participate in.