Leeds gets ready for the Tour





It’s strange to utter the words “next year the Tour is coming to Leeds” but the reality of that fact hit me when I had a look at the Town Hall this week.  As I mentioned when the winning bid was announced this is going to be brilliant but there are undoubtedly challenges in pulling it off, not least in getting the public at large to understand the magnitude of the race and the volume of people that will be descending on the city and county next year.  Well as can be seen above the Town Hall smack bang in the city centre is currently bedecked in some of the biggest banners you could get (which made me wonder, how do you print banners that big) advertising the fact to the thousands who pass the Victorian structure each day.  The banners are in preparation for Thursday night (17 Jan) when the route is going to be announced and I’ll certainly be going down for that and see what the feeling is like.  Will it just be me and my kids together with the journalists or will there be a serious crowd?  It was for me very frustrating that the cheating American has decided to go on Oprah on the same day and I really hope that his appearance and undoubted column inches does not detract from the launch of the Tour route.  While I was snapping the photos above a car pulled up and discussions started around barriers and such like but I was interested in the livery on the car.  Yes it’s bright but the colour option seemed strange to me, I wonder if the team realise that the Giro colours are pink ?  Having said that, can’t wait for Thursday night, hope the weather is dry and a good show and crowd are there.



2 thoughts on “Leeds gets ready for the Tour

  1. Has there been any official comment in that choice of colour? And if the Giro starts in same year in Dublin (?) then UK cycling public could well become confused

    • I was really surprised by the car when it pulled up. It did say candidate on it so I’m assuming it was used during the bidding process (which I still think is odd but they won so clearly not an issue) but it still seems very odd to me

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