Weekend Photo Fun – White


@BakingAitch got in touch on Friday to suggest doing a one off photo special for the weekend with snow as the topic.  I’ve been thinking for a while of ideas to follow up the summer and december photo fun projects that have been really good fun and liked the idea of a ‘pop up’ weekend.  I didn’t want to do snow though as it would rule out people where there is no snow at the moment so as always I spoke to the kids who always set the themes and they suggested White.  I wasn’t sure if we’d get many as with it just being for the weekend people might not pick up on the idea but turned out that I needn’t have worried as some lovely photos came through and as always some great interpretations.  Have a look through the gallery and see what you think (if you click on the gallery then you can go through them at full size if you want to).

I’ll definitely do the summer and december projects again which cover a period of weeks but I quite like the idea of the odd random or topical weekend theme thrown in for good measure.  As always thanks to all of you who picked up the theme and contributed photos.  Cheers


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