Let’s Get it on…

You’re the leader of a country and you want to increase your population to become a “more powerful nation”. So, do you:

a) put in place a selection of tax breaks.

b) offer cash incentives on a third child or

c) pay Boyz II Men to do a concert a week prior to Valentine’s Day?

Well if you’re Vladimir Putin you opt for C.

At first I thought about writing an article on the bear wrestler’s strides into fascism, since the only other time I’ve read of a world leader demanding a rapid population boom, he was also busy making genocide plans- but then who knows reads these blogs and I would like to see my family again.

Next I thought about complaining about the fact that Boyz II men and Justin Bieber are coming to town, but The Knife have swerved it like The Plague (you’re wearing plague masks for crying out loud!)

However, I decided the question should really be about whether music littered with lyrics about doing it can inspire a rise in population. I’d have thought winning a World Cup, mass power cuts or a conversion to Catholicism would have been better bet.
When I first read the article in The Moscow Times I thought it was a spoof, but then ideas around here often seem very dated- my assistant told me her grandma had kept heirlooms aside as part of her dowry- so, with that in mind, I’m going to take it at face value.
Putin declared that he hoped it would “get men in the mood in the run up to Valentine’s Day”. Maybe he’s had one too many judo blows to the head, but then he’s something like 8th dan, so he obviously isn’t on the receiving end of much damage, in which case let’s put the decision down to vodka. Surely any man “put in the mood” by Boyz II Men would be a little fruity right? As for the women, wont those screaming fans all be post menopausal by now?
If it was me I’d have booked Prince and ordered him away from all the noodly jazz numbers or Crystal Castles, though their gigs tend to have more girls going with girls, so I guess that kind of defeats the object.
Anyway, I’ve included a few songs at the bottom for The President to put on a mix tape to send out in the next budget, just in case his genius plan doesn’t come to fruition.


One thought on “Let’s Get it on…

  1. I thought VVP was a teetotaler. It reminds me of when Kirchner in Argentina was touting the libido boosting benefits of eating pork. I also can’t understand the choice of Boyz II Men. I thought putting on a Barry White CD would be cheaper and more effective.

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