Yorkshire Pudding Day

Picture 10


Apparently today is Yorkshire Pudding Day, I have no idea what this means after all don’t we all make them with our Sunday dinners.  I must admit that there are plenty of things I’m not great at making but I think I’ve got the Yorkshires pretty well sorted.  The photo above is today’s efforts.  There is something incredibly satisfying I find from the magical alchemy that transpires when batter is added to hot oil and 20-25 minutes later you end up with these bad boys.  I’ve tinkered a bit over the years with how I make them but I’ve settled on the simplest method which I saw Jamie Oliver do:

  • Little bit of oil (I used olive today) in the bottom of each tray and swill it about then wang it in a hot oven for 10 minutes or so
  • Crack your eggs into a measuring bowl and note how far it comes up the side (I used 4 eggs today which does me 9 big Yorkshires)
  • Tip eggs into a mixing bowl
  • Measure the same quantity of plain flour as you had eggs (today it was about 6 and a half fluid oz)
  • Tip the flour in with the eggs and give a little mix
  • Measure the same quantity of milk
  • Tip it in a mix up to make a smooth batter
  • Twist of salt and pepper
  • Take out the hot tray and add the batter as quick as you can to the tops of the individual trays
  • In the oven, don’t open the door and voila perfect bad boys every time



3 thoughts on “Yorkshire Pudding Day

  1. ooh, now I do love a good yorkshire pudding recipe. I tend to go half and half with milk & water rather than a full milk pudding, but only because that’s how my mam makes them. She’s always said that I make better yorkshires (and I don’t think she’s kidding), they’re always nice & fluffy.

    Apart from the time I put the switch onto grill rather than oven. The kids haven’t ever let me forget that one!

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