One by One … By The Way

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One by One … By The Way is a month long exhibition of photographs by Tony Wooliscroft at Leeds Gallery.  Tony has spent much of the last 20 years photographing The Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Foo Fighters and the exhibition shows off this work, primarily focusing on the 2 main men from each band Anthony Kiedis and Dave Grohl.  Now I love live music and have been to hundreds of gigs over the years including seeing both of these bands, who I’m an unashamed fan of, and when live music is good it has a way of connecting those present with the band in a weird alchemy that is as close to magic as I think it’s possible to get.

Capturing that magic and the essence of the personalities involved is a truly difficult thing I think and it’s not something I’ve ever really tried although my co blogger Phil did it brilliantly in this shot at the British Sea Power gig we went to in Brighton last year.  Tony’s collection of the two bands really manages this and the backstage access that he has had provides the opportunity for some intimate and powerful images.  The exhibition covers over 20 years as the bands have grown old disgracefully and judging by the appearances of the band members, particularly Kiedis and Grohl it would seem that the rock and roll lifestyle suits them very well indeed.

All of the pictures are available to buy and this was something that, for me is a bit unusual when going into a gallery.  The Leeds Gallery is an independent commercial gallery (not to be confused with the Leeds Art Gallery) and perhaps I might have been put off with that title as I might think it’s not necessarily for the likes of me.  However I’ve been there quite a bit and it’s very open and welcoming.  I think the fact that it is joined onto Cafe 164 creates a relaxed atmosphere that certainly works for me.  I really enjoyed One by One …. By The Way there are some great images that brought back good memories for me and it’s worth having a look before the end of Feb

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