Weekend Photo Fun – Circle


Back in the summer we started off this photo fun lark as a fun activity that people could do either on their own or with their families and using social media to share the results and make it well, social.  Each week over the summer holidays a different theme was chosen by my children and I used Twitter to try and spread the word and pull it all together.  Surprisingly it went well and we had a great time doing it so we relaunched it over christmas for a few weeks which was also good fun and since then have done the odd random weekendphotofun.  This is the second one we have done and as always the children come up with the theme and this time they chose Circle which was such a brilliant choice.  The collection of photos that we have had in has been tremendous and children and adults have got involved and I loved receiving this blog yesterday about a mum and her son going out on a circle hunt.  This was exactly what I had in mind originally, people and families coming together physically or virtually to engage in a shared experience.  The photo at the top of the page is a collection by Molly aged 4 who went circle hunting round her house and garden with her dad – how cool is that?  There were lots of entries from kids this time as well as all the adults (or big kids as we are known) that made this such a great weekend.

What is it about the circle, something that is so simple but is everywhere has played such an important role in our myths and religions through stone circles, the circles of the celestial bodies that we gaze up at, the Arthurian democracy of the round table.  Whatever it is you all clearly had a lot of fun out on the circle hunt and as always the variety and interpretations on what is essentially a very simple theme were fantastic.

Me and the kids would like to express a massive thanks to all who took part, and we loved looking at the photos as they came in.  I hope you enjoyed it and the gallery below of all your efforts (hope I’ve got them all in).  If you click on the gallery you can scroll through the photos full size one by one which I recommend doing as there are some crackers in there.  We will probably do another weekend around Easter time and then may one more before we thing about doing the summer holiday 6 week one if people are interested.  As ever we’d love to know what you think.

The Perfect Circles


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