This seems like a good place…

to land.  Thanks Ian for inviting me to join this.  It seems fitting on more than several levels, first and foremost, I live in the central portion of the State of Washington, USofA, the heart of the Washington Apple and Wine region, so orchards and vineyards are easy to come by, and a joy to drive through.  It’s small town life, quiet country roads and mostly very relaxing.

I’ll call myself a halfademic, since I work out of the local university, but don’t work for it, and don’t teach, but I interact and collaberate.  I am a trained geophysicist specializing in GPS technology applied to earth sciences, surveying and imaging.  I get to travel to some pretty cool locations that not a lot of people get to see, much less see from my vantage point.  And I travel, a lot.  Typically there is a bike with me, since admittedly I am a cycling addict.  I ride road, mountain and cyclocross, and race a little of each.  I have latched on part time with the local bike shop, doing bike fitting, leading group rides, doing design work, etc in my free time.

Music…  I like all kinds, but I keep coming back to 3 main genres.  80’s hardcore/punk had a profound impact on my life (some shows had an impact on my head as well) when I was growing up.  Classic rock from the 60’s and 70’s was what my parents listened to, and still one of my favorites, and the last 6 years or so, I have been diving into modern stoner metal.  All that said, I will listen to just about anything, and take music playing over television at any time.

So enough about me, I am glad to be here, and look forward to sharing.



2 thoughts on “This seems like a good place…

  1. Hi There and welcome intotheorchard, really looking forward to your posts from across the pond. Music, wine and cycling all welcome on here but fascinated by all the GPS stuff as well. Look forward to posts from small town America and any places that you visit of interest. Should be good fun.

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