St David’s Day / Dydd Dewi Sant


Today is St David’s Day, the national day of Wales so Happy St David’s Day / Dydd Dewi Sant to anyone out there, wherever you may be, who considers themselves to be Welsh.  Not living in Wales anymore the day is a special personal day for me when I remember where I was born and brought up and all the special times I’ve had in Wales, either as a child or when I return on holiday (usually near to St David’s in South West Wales).  It has never been a jingoistic type of day like some national holidays can be and where I live most people wouldn’t recognise it, mistaking the daffodil worn for a symbol of charity fundraising.  That’s OK with me though, I’m not looking for every pub to be festooned al la St Patrick’s Day, a quite day going about my business, heralding in the spring and raising a glass to the brethren wherever they are is fine with me.

Not too much is known about St David from the history books but he lived in Wales in the 6th century allegedly dying on 1 March 588/89.  What we do know is that he was an incredibly well educated and travelled man for the time, visiting Jerusalem for example and establishing a religious settlement in South Wales that became a site of Christian pilgrimage in it’s own right and is now named after him.  His teachings spread throughout SouthWales, South West England and across to Ireland.

I’m not going to get too hung up about the religious or cultural meaning of the day, I’ll just have a smile, wish you all the best and raise a glass Cheers / Iechyd da!


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