Tails from the left hand

Cycling, I miss it.  Like any athletic pursuit, or for that matter life in general we are bound by gravity.  It keeps us there, but sometimes it can be a real bitch.  Case in point, last fall, when she bit me in the ass, or more appropriately bit my shoulder in the ass.

Separated shoulder, easy enough, right?  A little rehab and rest, and right back into it.  Fast forward to this last Monday, and me ending up like this:Image

Which it turns out I fractured, tore tendons, and cartilage, and for most practical purposes had to have rebuilt.  So here i am on pain meds typing with my right hand, and looking at thisImage with nothing I can do about it, but try and be patient.  However, I can support my friends racing, and next week prob be back on a stationary trainer.

For instance, my buddy Jordan. He has delved into road, track and CX racing, after coming from skating with the US short track team for a number of years.  He easily won his race Sunday in the beginner field, and has been able to move up categories.  ImageI am sure it won’t be long until he cats up again.

So as long as I have races to watch/photograph/volunteer at, this rehab shouldn’t be too bad.  Don’t expect to see any off road adventures from me though in the next 6 months.  It’s tarmac only until then, and left handed typing for the near future.