Weekend Photo Fun – Angle



Angles are not something that you necessarily think of but as this weekend has shown they are all around us, pivotal to how we live our lives today and how, as the image above demonstrates we have used them to navigate the world.  The last weekend photo fun that we did the kids chose Circle as the theme and it proved very popular and I think that the idea for Angle as the next one came from this, something that is all around us but that we often take no notice of.

As always we have had lots of great interpretations of the theme and we have all enjoyed looking through them today but I think the thing that has struck me is how fundamental angles are to our lives, no structure can exist without them.  The word angle comes from the Latin ‘angulus’ meaning a corner and that is apt in a way but I’m glad that this weekend has had people hunting out those corners of our world and bringing them into the spotlight.

These weekends would not work without those of you who take part and I can’t thank you all enough and from the comments I get back it would seem that many of you are happy being sent out on hunting missions for obscure photo themes.  Before we started doing this I didn’t realise that photo themes were a big thing but I now know that there are lots of them around so the fact that people chip in to interpret the themes my kids set is greatly appreciated.

Do have a look through the gallery of photos and let us know which ones you like.  If you click anywhere in the gallery it will open up and you can scroll through them in the size they were sent in.  Thanks once again.



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