Weekend Photo Fun – Smooth



Smooth was the theme decided upon by the kids for the latest photo fun and again it had lots of potential and I myself kept looking at surfaces and other things as I went about my weekend thinking is that smooth ?  It’s tricky when you are doing this to know how often to tweet out the subject.  I know from my own timeline that things whizz through but unless I tweet all the people individually who have taken part before I figure the best option is to just throw it out a few times a day and see what happens.  I always have a slight panic that no one will notice but then think what am I worried about it’s just a bit of fun and anyway I’ve always been surprised by the people that do pick it up and take part, Smooth being no exception.

One of things that I and my kids love about doing this is to see the different interpretations that come in, often we will have in our own heads a view of what the photos might be but we are always surprised.  For them it is an amazing thing to come up with a theme and then to see people all over the place take part and send in photos.  We look at every one and enjoy discussing the interpretation.  Sometimes it’s obvious why someone has sent it and other times not and you either need to think about the photo a bit or read the explanation in the text but there are always some great photos and always ones that bring a smile to our faces.  What could be better than that.  It also helps us to explore the world around us looking out for different ideas as we go about our own weekend and discussing what would make a good entry.  Great fun.

I must must apologise for the delay in getting this gallery out but I’ve been having some computer problems which has meant my access has been very sporadic recently however the machine has decided to play ball tonight so I’ve quickly pulled the gallery together. As always I can’t thank you enough for taking part, I’ve got a horrible feeling I might have missed a few in the gallery if I have please let me know and I’ll amend it, it can be tricky trying to capture all of the photos.

We might do another weekend before the summer but if not then I suspect we might revert over the summer holidays to what started it all last summer which was six themes with a week for each theme.  Views welcome.  As ever do let us know what you liked.