Danny MacAskill – Imaginate

Danny MacAskill is  back with a fantastic new video showcasing his unique skills. This one is very different and clever I think as he is not cavorting about some urban setting or charging down a hillside.  Instead he plays as a toy rider being piloted by a kid in his room. Full size replicas of pencils, train set, tank, Rubik cube etc that Danny plays with as only Danny can.  It’s truly astonishing and whether or not you like bikes watch it and prepare to be amazed.


7 thoughts on “Danny MacAskill – Imaginate

  1. He really is astonishing. I watch some of the stuff he does and wonder how on earth someone can get a bike to do some of those wonderful things.

    Then watch the bloopers at the end credits. Ouch!

    • I loved the video – watched it five times on the trot with the kids – incredible skills. I also loved the bloopers – he is human after all! He makes it look so easy but I would be interested to know how long each section takes to plan and practise – that level of skill takes a lot of dedication.

  2. Reblogged this on espresso coco and commented:
    I’ve been a huge fan of Danny MacAskill for several years – his new video takes it to a new level. Sit back and enjoy – I still can’t work out how he gets his bike to do those incredible things!
    Make sure you watch to the end credits for the blooper reel…

  3. Saw this yesterday – too many tricks to mention but the Swiss ball moves caught my eye. Amazing film – possibly the soundtrack was the only letdown but who cares with those visuals.

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