Weekend Photo Fun – Busy



So last weekend saw another in our series of #weekendphotofun sessions where my kids choose a theme and we see what photos people come up with that interprets that theme in any way they want.  The weekends are always a bit of an impromtu affiar but this one was even more so than usual.  I was thinking about whether to do another weekend before the summer on Friday evening, a few people quickly responded on Twitter that yes that would be good and why not this weekend, set the kids off thinking of themes and they came up with Busy and off we went.  They actually had a short/long list of about 16 themes before picking on busy.

One of the things that I am always never sure about is who is going to pick it up and see it and who will respond.  I put a few tweets out but it has to fit in around our lives so it’s not something I sit religiously promoting, I just hope that people pick it up and spread the word and get involved.  I know that some people who have participated before miss it but am not sure of the best way to go about announcing when we are going to do other ones.  I could tweet everyone individually who has participated before but that would get a bit onerous.  I could ask that everyone who has participated and wants to be notified about it could DM me their email address and I could send out an email alert or I could just leave it as it’s own haphazard self.  What do you think ?

As this weekend rolled through I was a bit worried that we weren’t going to get any photos but then thought what on earth am I worried about it’s just a bit of fun and anyway there was nothing to worry about as some lovely interpretations came in, a few busy bees of course and people out and about (love the one of the shambles in York) and some nice inverts (busy doing nothing).  I particularly liked the swimming pool at the top as it for me captured complete stillness of the pool which brings to mind the busy doing nothing and the chilledoutness of being by a nice pool in the sun which is the antithesis of busy but then the reflections make for a very busy image and I can imagine out of shot kids busy running towards the still waters about to dive in.  There were lots of lovely images, again a huge thank you from us to all of you who took part we really do enjoy looking at them all and it’s fantastic for the kids to come up with an image and then see how all these people all over the place take part and interpret it showing a really positive aspect of social media, which was one of the aims of doing this in the first place.  I think I’ve missed a couple of instagram ones, which I either couldn’t find again or had problems getting them out of instagram so apologise if that’s one of your but I can assure you we looked at them all and appreciate you sending them.  Anyway have a look at the gallery and let us know what you liked.

This will be the last weekend theme until the summer when we plan to do what started it all off last year.  Each week of the summer holidays will be a theme.  So six weeks of photo fun, I do hope you’ll all join in and encourage others to do so as well.