The Perfect Coffee Stop


I’ve recently noticed a new addition on my cycle commute into work which is a mobile coffee shop, housed within a fab little Piaggio Ape 3 wheel van, situated in Park Square.  I’ve whizzed around the square saying to myself that I must stop there and give it a go.  Today was the perfect storm, nice early ride in, no first thing meetings, fantastically warm weather so I rolled into the park unclipped and ordered a morning pick me up.

Now both street food and coffee have been slowly picking up over the last couple of years in Leeds, we may not be in Portland’s class but there are now several very good coffee shops and some great things happening on the quality street food scene, exemplified in my view by No Fishy Business showing that you can understand and sell a high quality product from a mobile kitchen.  It’s no secret that coffee and cycling go hand in hand but one of the difficulties can be what to do with your bike, is there somewhere safe to lock it up outside? and even if there is many of us will not really be able to relax until we’ve finished the coffee and are back aboard our trusty steeds.  So a good outside space can be the answer so when the weather is ok then you can sit outside with your bike safely by your side, however in Leeds there are not many good coffee shops, if any, with a good outside space.  What better therefore than the view above, the perfect outside space where you can sit next to your bike and enjoy your coffee.

The acid test though – was the coffee any good? Yes, and I’d go as far to say that it was one of the best I’ve had in Leeds and certainly the best I’ve had from a mobile van proving that being mobile is no barrier to brewing up fantastic coffee.  I got chatting to the owner, Stuart, who was an absolutely lovely guy who has moved up to Leeds with his family from down south to start up this mobile coffee business.  He knows his stuff and is focussing on quality products, his coffee is Brazillian green bean coffee, roasted in small batches in Shipley which keeps it fresh and you could tell from the great taste.  It felt good to be talking to someone passionate about what he is trying to do and the plans that Stuart has got for the future.  Gelato ice cream is going to start this week and he has some interesting ideas for hot snacks come the winter time.  For me this is exactly the sort of person and business we need to have in the city and it’s the perfect stop for a coffee on the way to work whether you cycle or not but if you do cycle there is simply nowhere better.  I sat down, gathered my thoughts ahead of the day enjoyed the sunshine and great coffee which was far preferable than sitting at my desk.

The name of business is BareCoffee, @barecoffee – so pop down to Park Square, say hi to Stuart and support this great little coffee shop.




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