Summer Photo Fun 2013

This time last year me and the kids came up with the idea of doing a photo theme project over the summer holidays, they’d pick a theme and people could take a photo interpreting that theme however they wanted and then I’d blog up the results in a gallery at the end of each week. You can see the original post here that explains it all. The kids picked some interesting themes – Messy, Float, Green, Joy (the photo above was from the ones sent in for Joy last summer), Shadow and Calm.

We had lots of fun and all sorts of people got involved which was great and you can see all the galleries of the summer on the blog. Following on from this we’ve continued in a nice amblingly random fashion doing other holiday periods and semi regular weekend photo funs and now we are back where we started as the kids break up from school at the end of this week so we are thinking of doing another summer edition.  I appreciate that it’s not summer at the same time in other parts of the world but don’t let this stop you as you can still interpret the themes and put photos in.  I guess that we didn’t think when we did this originally that people in, for example, Australia would take part.

The format will be the same, kids pick a theme and you interpret it and tweet me @ianstreet67. I’ll retweet as many as I can and blog them all up in a gallery at the end of each week. When we first started doing this I had no idea that there were so many photo theme project around so it’s really great that people take the time to take part in ours. One of the things that perhaps makes ours a bit different is that all the themes are set by my kids.

The other element of all this is to show the positive effects of social media and how it can link people together and spread ideas. It’s been fantastic to get photos from different places and countries from people who I never knew previously but who I’ve gone on to chat to throughout the year. It’s also been great to see how parents have got their own kids involved going out on photo hunts. This was something that we hoped would happen, particularly over the summer, if you’re stuck for something to do why not get involved and look for ideas to interpret the weeks theme ?  It’s surprising how you find yourself looking at your surroundings in a different way and thinking “now would that fit in with the theme”

We’ve also been wondering whether it’s possible to get photos in from an A-Z of countries, states, places etc around the world over the next six weeks ? In order to do that we’ll need your help to spread the word and think about who you know in your contacts that could contribute a photo from where they are.  I have no idea if this would be possible and it will certainly only be possible with your help but hey that’s part of the fun of it all, throw an idea out and see what happens.

So the kids are thinking up themes, the first one will be tweeted out by me on Saturday 20th July and a new theme each Saturday after that. We hope you’ll get involved and have some fun with it all.  Over to you and the kids.

Week 1 the theme is Fresh and it will run from 20 July – 26 July

Week 2 the theme is Hidden and it will run from 27 July – 2 August

Week 3 the theme is Machine and it will run from 3 August – 9 August

Week 4 the theme is Bright and it will run from 10 August to 16 August

Week 5 the theme is Straight and it will run from 17 August to 23 August

Week 6 the theme is Reflect and it will run from 24 August to 30 August

In terms of seeing where we can get photos in from the A-Z for places that we’ve managed to get photos in that fitted the themes from the complete alphabet, see below.

A – Australia
B – Belgium, Ben Nevis, Baltic
C – Croatia
D – Denmark, Denver
E – England
F – France
G – Greece, Germany, Glencoe
H – Hong Kong
I – Italy, Iona
J – Jordan
K – Kiel canal, Klintholm
L – Luxembourg
M – Mexico, Mykonos
N – Norway, New Zealand
O – Oregan
P – Pag Island, Petra, Portland Bill
Q – Queensland
R – Rome
S – Spain, Scotland
T – Texas
U – United States
V – Valencia
W – Wales, Weymouth
X – Xiamen
Y – Yorkshire
Z – Zadar


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