Summer Photo Fun 2013 – Week 1 – Fresh


It was good fun sitting down with the kids a couple of days before they broke up from school, chatting over plans for things and with them coming up with all sorts of themes for the second running of of our Summer Photo Fun idea.  One of the things that is interesting for me is seeing how they come up with the themes, firstly just jotting down ideas then honing that to a shortlist, then coming up with an agreed 6 and then thinking about what would make a good order.  Having set quite a few themes they now think about ideas in a different way, thinking about how they could potentially be interpreted, how they will work together, what sort of variety they want.

Fresh was a nice theme to get us up and running this summer as we have been faced with unseasonably hot summery weather and the kids were looking forward to the freshness of the start of the summer holidays knowing that they will move on to fresh starts when they head back to school in September.

Clearly weather, food and flowers featured heavily creating lots of gorgeous colours and some very mouthwatering treats in the gallery but there were some other lovely ideas, a fresh painting from an artist in scotland, the shower head, fresh tarmac, paw prints, fresh welding, fresh bandage and the fresh ink of the tattoo in the photo at the the top.  It was also great to have some photos in from kids as well, the more the merrier.

As we go through the 6 weeks we are also playing with the idea of seeing if we can photos in that match the theme but from different countries, states, places etc to see if we can get an A-Z of pictures.  You’ve all done well already and I’ll update the main summerphotofun page as we go through the summer to see how we are getting along.

Finally huge thanks to all of you who embrace this idea and play along with us and help spread the word, it’s hugely appreciated.  Check out the gallery below and let us know which ones you liked.  If you want to see the photos in full size click on the gallery and you will be able to scroll through the individually.






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