Summer Photo Fun 2013 – Week 2 – Hidden



The Summer Photo Fun continued into week 2 this week with what I thought was a great theme chosen by the kids – hidden – which gave great potential for imagination and interpretation and as always huge thanks to all of you who took part.  We managed to tick off a few more A-Z countries and places with a lovely photo of Petra in Jordan.  There were some great hidden spots revealed in this series some of which will not necessarily be obvious when you look at the photos.  The boat for example was on the hidden sea in Germany, there is Cameron and Osborne with a hidden agenda, lots of hidden trails, peaks etc,. the flowers in the church are hiding Shakespeare’s grave.  I really liked all the people hidden under the umbrellas at Opera in the Park in Leeds and the scrabble board – look closely.  My kids were also hunting and they took a couple of lovely shots today as we were out riding along the canal, one of the murky depths, what’s hidden beneath whilst the other took a photo of some refracted light explaining to me that the colours within the light sprectrum are usually hidden !  I did love the photo at the top however X marks the spot who knows what’s hidden there ?

As ever we’d love to know what you think about the themes and the photo interpretations that you like, click on the gallery to open it and you can see all the photos as they were sent in.  Hope you’ll continue to play along with us over the summer.  Cheers.