Summer Photo Fun 2013 – Week 3 – Machine



The third week of our Summer Photo Fun saw the kids choose the theme of Machine which, as the photos came in over the week, really made me think about what a huge impact machines have on our day to day lives, be that in our mode of transportation, how we communicate, eat, have fun there will often be a machine at the heart of it.  As the photo at the top also shows technology changes fast and the cutting edge machines are quickly superceded and become obsolete, how we choose to despose of what has gone before poses a huge challenge.  In general I suspect that we take for granted the machines that we use on a daily basis, from the computer that I’m typing this on now with it’s hidden world of micro processors through to the tractors and diggers that prepare the ground for the food we eat all of these have been captured in this weeks theme.  Each machine is the result of invention, testing, striving to be better, to fill a need and to hopefully make our lives easier and more fun.  Some machines of course have a profound affect and help to protect us or keep us alive this was brought home to me in the stark reminder of one of the photos from a regular contributor who has to have regular visits to hospital and his photo simply said keeping me going.  You can read more about his journey and experiences at his excellent blog. So all in all a really interesting theme, from the simple to the life saving machines, as always thanks so much for all your contributions which are making this so much fun.  As always to see the gallery in full size, click on it below and you can scroll through each photo.  Let us know what you liked.  The A-Z part of this that is running alongside the themes is also going well and you can see where we are up to at the bottom of the original blog X could be tricky.



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