Summer Photo Fun 2013 – Week 4 – Bright



Bright was the fourth theme set by the kids during our Summer Photo Fun project and I apologise for the delay in getting the blog and the gallery together but I was away and not around a computer.  Consistently during the summer there have been great photos coming in and this was no exception.  There were of course some beautiful summer photos of sunshine and bright flowers which really showed nature in all it’s glory but again as has happened throughout the summer you clever contributors had lots of interesting way of interpreting the theme set by the kids.  One that made me chuckle early on in the week was the empty bottle of wine which came with the tweet “whose bright idea was it to have a bottle of wine at lunchtime”  but as you can see there were some other clever interpretations, the bright person getting her degree but I absolutely loved the bright idea photo at the top.  Thank you so much for all your contributions, have a look at the gallery below and see which ones you like.  If you click on the gallery it will open and you can scroll through the photos in the sizes that they came in.

Running alongside the themes we have been experimenting to see if we can get photos in from an A-Z of places and you can check how we are doing by looking at the main post



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