Summer Photo Fun 2013 – Week 5 – Straight


red arrows


Straight was the 5th theme chosen by my kids for interpreting during our Summer Photo Fun project and yet again there were some great photos and ideas sent in, often with very pithy comments on the tweets as well.  The long telephone wire came with the slogan “No crows” which immediately had me thinking of Dumbo and humming ‘When I See an Elephant Fly’ to myself with a broad grin.  We have in the past, both last summer I think and possible on one of our ad hoc weekend photo funs, done other geometric themes such as circle or angle and I must admit that they have been some of my favourites, partly I think because the shapes are simply everywhere in our day to day lives but mainly beacuse I think that the galleries just look so great and so has been the case with Straight.  I loved the photo at the top – Straight as an Arrow – with a depiction of the Red Arrows but there were lots of other crackers as well this week, the Straight edges of the apple pie that is about to go straight into the mouth, the apples that have been picked straight from the tree, the cricket bats – always play with a straight bat as well as the architecture (check out the millennium bridge at night towards St Paul’s), the trains and the open roads and tracks to cycle down.

When a theme like straight is announced you might think oh we are just going to get loads of straight lines but I think there is a real beauty in the gallery this week and as always we have loved seeing them all come in from various places and we can’t thank you enough for how much you have embraced all the various themes.  As always, click on the gallery to open it and you can see the photos in the original size and do let us know what you liked.



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