Summer Photo Fun 2013 – Week 6 – Reflect


Last week has seen our Summer Photo Fun project draw to a close with a final theme chosen by the kids of Reflect.  I really enjoyed the themes that the kids came up with this summer but it was also interesting to see the order that they decided they should be in and I feel it was very apt that reflect came at the end when they would be perhaps looking back on what has hopefully been a good summer holiday for them.  The idea of reflect is also a great photo theme as of course it can be a physical reflection captured in a mirrored building or a landscape captured in water but it can also be the concept and thoughts associated when we reflect which was beautifully captured in for example a stone bench.  There are other things that make us reflect, the war memorial in Sydney being a haunting reminder of times past and of course the gravestones in a cemetary.  There were lots of great interpretations this week and as always we have enjoyed looking at them as them come in, seeing how it fits the theme and how people have chosen to interpret it.  As those of you who have been playing along all summer will know we also had the idea of seeing if we could get photos from an A-Z of places across the summer that also matched the themes.  This week saw us complete the set with photos from France, Norway, New Zealand and Xiamen ! and you can see the full list on the original post here. The idea for the alphabet of places was to show the kids how ideas can spread and how different people who you don’t know might pick up on what you are doing and join in – the positive side of social media which I think is important to show to help balance out some of the less that positive press that social media can get.  Our photo fun themes though I think show social media at it’s best and all of you who have joined in, whether for the whole summer or just for one photo have embraced the idea brilliantly and the kids and I have enjoyed it immensely.

As always click on the gallery to open it and you can scroll through the photos as they were sent it.  Do let us know which ones you liked.  Last summer was the first time we had this idea and we carried on over the year doing ad hoc weekendphotofun themes and one of the Xmas holidays as well.  If people are interested we can carry on doing that as well, I can either just announce them via twitter or if you want advance notice you could DM me your email and I can create an email list of interested people.  Whatever works for you.  Anyway it’s been great fun over the summer, thanks for getting involved.


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