In this age of electronic gadget wizardry and toys that require batteries or charging before they work it’s easy to forget that there are simpler toys and games that can still provide great fun, cards and board games of course are classic examples but the other night we went back to messing about with Slinky’s.  Now there is apparently some serious maths going on behind the slinky as it transfers energy along it’s path and it was invented by the engineer Richard James in the 1940’s but for us we just wanted to work out the best way of getting them down the stairs and then racing them.  We tried pulling them from the front, flipping them from the back and various other methods until each one of us settled on our favoured method and the races commenced.  Huge fun had by all and no matter who was in charge we were all cheering for anyone who managed to get that perfect moment when the slinky flipped gracefully end over end right the way to the bottom.  A genius invention and still thankfully as much fun today as it was when I did the exact them thing when I was a kid.





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