Tomorrow night it’s the annual light night in Leeds which is one of my favourite nights of the year, a really magical event that enthrals and entertains young and old alike.  This years event looks to be fantastic and we are all looking forward to wandering about and seeing what we can discover.  As a prelude to the event we went down to the opening of Momentous which is running over the next three days and if it’s anything to go by tomorrow should be amazing.

Momentous is a projection on to the civic hall which has transformed it into a working clockface together with ticking and moving and whirling cogs.  That in itself would be incredible but every 15 minutes the whole thing changes to project different people and activities from across Leeds.  The sound and movement that happens really takes the breath away and the precision of the projections is incredible as it turns the civic hall into a sort of moving video tapestry of the people of Leeds.

Apparently there are over 1200 people from across Leeds who have been filmed taking part in all sorts of movements that link into music and different themed projections.  While we were there this evening there were skaters, bmxers whizzing across the face of the civic hall in a clever acknowledgement of real life as lots of them use the civic hall steps to pull their tricks.  A steel band appeared and were playing ‘over the rainbow’ and while it was happening a gorgeous rainbow spread across the hall; a BBC weather forecaster predicted snow which of course duly began to flutter; a carousel appeared as well as all sorts of sporting figures and activities.   My phone snaps can’t in any way do it justice, the movement, colour, sound and precision are really amazing.  If you are in Leeds then you must go and check it out over the next 2 days.

Truly magical and huge credit to should go to the artists Matt and Rob Vale.












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