Weekend Photo Fun – Light


It’s been a good few weeks since we finished off our summerphotofun for this year and my original intention was to wait until half term towards the end of October before doing another weekendphotofun but on Thursday night as we went into see Momentous the kids had the idea of linking in with Light Night Leeds and doing a theme of Light which I thought was a great idea.  It was particularly nice as the photos started to come in to see all of the gorgeous images of sunlight streaming through as we head into the darker autumn and winter days.

I think the theme has brought in some lovely interpretations, beautiful architecture and landscapes, a couple of lovely selections from Light Night in Leeds and some clever interpretations as always – I particularly liked the feather.  I loved the photo at the top which was taken using ultra violet light I believe and I really like the contrast that it has created.

It’s so much fun to sit in the car driving into Leeds, chatting to the kids and then we have an idea and people pick it up and run with it producing this fantastic gallery of Light.  Click on the gallery and you can scroll through the images in the size they were sent in.  Huge thanks to all who contributed and made it such a great weekend.


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