The great escape, out the back door.

Please allow me to introduce my self, I’m not a man of wealth but hopefully of taste.
My name is Olov, i live in Luleå a small town by the bay of bothnia in Swedish Lapland. I´m 42 years old, father of two and a hard core bike addict. This is my first post at “In to the Orchard” and i feel honored to be a part this awesome blog.
Writing is quite new to me. I´ve started just a few years ago as a columnist at a local paper and it still scares the hell out of me. But since i got kids i try to live by their device. I mean we tell our kids to try out new things, to challenge them and to learn by trail and error. But why stop just because we grow up? Why not continue? Why set boundaries because we think we are finished. Like we somehow stop evolving after a certain age. I refuse to see life like that. I need to try! We need to stop seeing the obstacles that distract us from pushing our boundaries. What ever they might be. Sometimes the adventure is just around the corner. The world is getting smaller as communication and information travels faster. It´s easy to dream away to foreign and exotic countries and think: Thats where the adventure awaits! If i only get there i will experience the time of my life! I´m not saying you wont find your adventure over there but…

…once again we restrict ourselves. Perhaps the greatest adventure awaits just outside my backdoor. The short bike ride on the local trail to the small hill behind our house could be the experience of a life time. Not only for my six-year old, but for me. Or, it might not. But i´m not willing to miss that chance just because i didn´t expect it. Are you?


11 thoughts on “The great escape, out the back door.

  1. I love this post – and I completely agree with you. Adventure can await us, just outside the back door, or where ever we might look for it. Looking forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

  2. Hi Olov

    Great first post and so glad to have you on board at IntotheOrchard. I so much agree with your philosophy it’s easy to spend your time gazing out assuming everyone else is having the adventures or to retreat into a world of your own creation never pushing at the boundaries. This blog is all about finding those things that you enjoy, having experiences and being mindful of the great everyday things that are all around us. Sounds to me like you are going to fit right in. Can’t wait to hear more about Swedish Lapland 🙂

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