Don’t go chasing Waterfalls …. ?


I beg to differ with TLC on this one, after all who doesn’t like the hypnotic embrace of water tumbling over stone?  I’ve decided that over the next few months I’m going to go hunting out some of the waterfalls around Yorkshire.  I’m not really much of a walker as generally when I get spare time to be outside ideally I’d like to be on my bike but there is something very pleasing about a stroll round the Dales, especially when a waterfall features within the walk.

Yesterday was one of those classic four seasons in a day as, apart from snow, we had pretty much every weather condition which also meant that there were not many people about which suits me just fine.  Much as I love the area around Malham it can sometimes end up being a bit like the Blackpool of the Dales but that was not the case yesterday.  Nice easy stroll took us to Janet’s Foss and then on to the incredible Gordale Scar, the approach to which is like something out of Lord of the Rings – it’s just the sort of place where Helms Deep would have been built.  A few people were scrambling up the rock between the two falls but that was not for me, looked far too precarious and the rocks were very slippy.

A climb round and over took us to Malham tarn before the walk to stand on the top of Malham Cove and the quite incredible limestone pavement there, which was very treacherous to try and walk on.  While Malham Cove is not a waterfall now 60,000 years ago the melting ice sheets of Northern England would have been cascading over the top in a waterfall to rival any.  Just standing on the top is an awe inspiring experience.  Not sure where the next waterfall hunt will be, any recommendations ?


















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