Bright lights, small city.

Living in Swedish lapland just a few miles south of the arctic circle i a life of contrasts. The thing we talk about, besides the weather, is light. This time of year it´s absence. During summer it´s presence. During midsummer the sun is up almost 24/7 but around christmas, it´s the other way around. Even tough our winter is the dark time of year.
We´re still surrounded by light. Just the aurora borealis makes it worth living here, and this winter is a good one for that amazing phenomena.
The hardest time is before the snow arrives. The darkness is compact and swallows everything. But since we´re humans and are born creative we light up the world in our own way.
The last three years our town burns in light installations around the weekend of Halloween. Public buildings, parks, boardwalks is filled with amazing art work.
The main attraction usually is the big light show on one of our public buildings. This year it was city halls turn.
Here are some short clips on parts of the show. I personally liked last years show better. The clip at the end is from 2012 that was held at our highschools langue building. (were i took English.)
Sorry for a bit crappy quality, shot it with my iphone.

The lamp guy in the middle was quite popular. He and his friends mingled around in the crowd all night.

Ants/people, are we so different after all?

This is one of the park fountains, it was filled with lanterns made of kids from kindergarden.

Luleå is a steel town. It´s build by the coast around our steelworks and the ore trains that runs from the mines mountains down to the coast. Here an installation on melting steel.

Dressed trees in the park.

On one of the towns squares, a giant air filled flower-hill i now dominating.

These are just a few samples. But i´s quite a boost for us up here in the dark. At least until the snow arrives. It´s still dark, but as the whole world is covered in white, it kind of equals out…


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