Super human like you

I´ve always loved the superhero comics. As a kid i read Batman, if fact i still do. The caped crusader with his gothic home town really made me wonder away into a fantasy world. I tied a towel around my neck and jumped down the stairs so it would flap in the wind. The love for comics followed me as i grew older. Slowly i started to read the more adult orientated titles in the DC universe. Like Sandman, Preacher among others that were released on DC Vertigo.
But it wasn´t really superhero comics i was used to. Then i got a hold of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons Watchmen and everything changed.
All of a sudden the world of Super heroes was real. The people behind the masks were real people with real problems. Watchmen was the kick off for this kind of comics. In 1994 Marvel released the mini series Marvels. Written by Kurt Busiek and painted by Alex Ross. Here we behold the birth of super heroes through the eye of a photographer. Busiek returned a year later with his own concept “Astro City” on Image comics. In “Life in the city” We get to follow, among others, the Superman character of Astro citys universe The Samaritan. During night he dreams of flying. Without obligations like saving the world or rescuing people from burning buildings.

The superhero comics has grown up. Most likely because the audience or comic geeks, has grown up. I believe that without these ground breaking comics today’s big comic book movies would not be possible. Even if the movies are more like the comics were before it is starting to change. They are getting there. The reboot of Batman as an example of an more dark and realistic super hero take.

I recently got my eyes on Swedish artist Andreas Englund amazing oil paintings of an ageing super hero. This really is the finest mix of classic art and pop culture. I just love it!
After all if the meta humans got the same problems as you. They become a bit more for real…


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