Tomorrow is the start of December and with it comes advent, which for most of us means a calendar that we open each day with a little chocolate inside.  Over the years the tradition of little gifts on each day of December leading up to Christmas day has changed with shops now selling all sorts of boxes and hangers where you can put your gift, which of course can be anything and does not need to be chocolate but I suspect for most of us (particularly those with kids) it usually is.  The year though things are a bit different as I’m taking part in #yayadvent which is not something I’d normally do but saw it on twitter and thought heh why not.

It’s brilliantly organised by @gazpachodragon and the concept is simple, put together and wrap 24 presents and number them 1 through to 24, you can only spend around £20 and you have no idea who you are buying for.  Last Sunday those of us who could all met up and delivered our ‘sacks’ to @gazpachodragon who then gave us each one of the sacks in return, so my mantle piece now has 24 presents on it bought for me by a total stranger and a different stranger has the ones that I bought. Each day all of us who have taken part will take a photo and post it to the #yayadvent hashtag and I’ll create a gallery below throughout December of the ones that I open.

When it came to buying the presents it was quite tricky with the budget we had to spend so my kids have of course got involved and we’ve made some and tried to be creative where we could.  It’s added a really nice feeling to the build up to Christmas having a total stranger buy me presents and I can’t wait to get started tomorrow.  Follow along on the hashtag and see who’s got what and next year why not get involved yourself.


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