10 Things Every Mountain Biker Should Do


I’m not one for lists really or come to think of it New Year’s resolutions, I just tend to bumble along trying to be a good person and enjoying myself along the way.  For those who read this blog (what do you mean you don’t read it) you’ll know that I love to be out on my bike but quite frankly I’m rubbish and lack just about everything needed to be a competent mountain biker.  I’m slowly (very slowly) improving with the help of lots of people this year but the thing is no matter how rubbish I am I just hugely enjoy being on my bike bumbling around trying my best and laughing at my incompetence.  Bikes are after all a toy and I’m just a big kid playing about, even if it does form my main form of transport into work.  Thing is I get pretty annoyed with most bike magazines and videos as I wonder who they are aiming at, certainly not me, and they often seem to encourage / promote a macho bullshit culture that is a total anathema to me and pretty much everyone I’ve come into contact with who rides.  I clicked the link to the above video with some trepidation thinking to myself, here we go another load of people flying off all sorts doing the sort of riding that I’ll never be able to get near to.  Yes there’s a bit of that in the film but it’s not about that it’s really about things that, no matter what your ability level you might be able to do and if you did would undoubtedly look back with a smile on your face.  I’m not going to stick this list up anywhere as my list is simpler – enjoy myself – but I did enjoy the ten things in it.  Cheers to @kristoffrides for bringing the video to my attention.



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