December Photo Fun 2013 Week 1 – Curve


Curve a lovely word that creates the flow to the world we live in.  It’s impossible to look around you and not see a curve, whether that be manufactured, a natural object or the curve of our own bodies.  All of these have been beautifully interpreted by you this week in the first of five themes for our Decemberphotofun project this year.  As usual my kids have picked the themes as they do for all our photofun projects and before choosing the five themes they had a shortlist of thirty three to pick from and I think they started off with a great one with curve.  As always we just never know what is going to come in or whether people will be interested and send stuff in but this first week has seen some great photos.  I really liked the natural photos, the line of the neck, the fallen tree etc and those that showed the simple beauty that exists in a curve and how they enhance the world that we live in.

It’s been a great start to December and I hope that you’ll continue with us throughout the month joining in whenever you can and encouraging others to do the same.  It would also be great if you have kids that you could get them to take some photos which you can tweet in to me as it’s always nice when you get a mix of photos from adults and children and it’s great for my kids to see others picking up on the idea and playing along.  Finally of course these photofuns wouldn’t be fun without all of you who participate, so thanks to all of you it’s greatly appreciated.  Have a look through the gallery and let us know which ones you liked, if you click on the gallery it will open and you flick through the photos in the sizes they came in.


2 thoughts on “December Photo Fun 2013 Week 1 – Curve

  1. The photos were outstanding! I particularly liked the one of the egg and the one of the curve of the young woman’s neck. I also looked at the structure photos…WOW! Hard to describe them!

    • Thanks for your comment and g agree with you about the egg and the neck. I always think that it’s the gallery as a whole that really makes the project work seeing everyone’s interpretation together.

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