December Photo Fun – Week 2 – Warmth


Warmth, a lovely word I think that conjures up deep seated feelings of comfort and satisfaction in me and I suspect all of us, after all since we crawled out of the swamps and into the caves and lit our fires we have understood the comfort and life affirming qualities that warmth provides.  There is of course another element to warmth which again we would have felt back in those caves as our family and friends gathered around and that is the emotional warmth of friendship, kinship and love.  These feelings are universal and both elements have been displayed beautifully by the contributors to this weeks photofun theme.  Fires, food, warming drinks, clothing and a hot bath are well presented alongside the human emotions of friendship, sympathy, kinship.  The photo at the top manages for me to pull in all elements, the gent is wrapped up against the winter cold, but the smile of friendship is as warm as anything you can think of.  As always thanks goes to all who submitted an entry, watching them come in was in itself a thing of warmth and felt like a big hug as all these people we don’t know join in around our communal twitter campfire.  Click on the gallery to scroll through the photos and do let us know which ones you liked.


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