Mince Pie Taste Test


As we all know the key choice we have to make at this time of year is not about presents, TV choices, which family members are you going to fall out with but which mince pie you are going to buy.  Much debate ensued at work so the motley collection of rogues and rapscallions who I work with decided that we’d put a few to the test, cue much hilarity and expansion of waistlines.  Over the last few weeks people brought in different boxes from different suppliers, we dived in and debated the pie giving an overall score out of 10.

Many questions were raised, not least what constitutes a pie? For example can something that doesn’t have a proper top (Heston) be a pie or is that a tart?  Each pie got the soggy bottom testing treatment and we discussed type of pastry (crumbly, soft, buttery, greasy etc), filling (too much, too little, sweetness), booze content (a wee hint or soaking).

The result of all this dedication gave a top three on average score out of 10:

  1. Tesco finest deep filled – 7.86
  2. Morrisons cake shop baked in store – 7.5
  3. Co-op luxury all butter – 7.25



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