Wine Cork Reindeer

reindeer gang

I think that I could quite easily win the title of Britain’s least practical man so to find myself this afternoon brandishing secateurs a screwdriver and a sharp blade was enough to bring me out in a cold sweat, not least as I was going to attempt to make something crafty.  Practical and crafty – hmmmm.  The idea was to try and make Reindeer table decorations that we’d seen in a magazine but of course then couldn’t find the magazine so a bit of Googling later and I had a vague idea of what to do and together with the kids we came up with our own little herdgang !  We had huge fun doing this and if I can do it you can too.  Here’s how:

  • Drink copious amounts of wine over the previous few weeks and save the corks (you need one and a half cork per reindeer that you want to make
  • Head out into (in my case) the Mordor-like winter garden and cut some lengths of twig, keeping your eye open in particular for bits that that branch off that can form the antlers
  • Cut up the twigs into the same lengths.  You need 5 pieces for each reindeer (4 legs and 1 neck) as well as 2 antler sets.
  • Take one of the corks and cut it in half with a sharp knife (you want something like a Stanley knife/ craft knife here).  These halves will form the heads.
  • Find your smallest phillips screwdriver and make all the holes you will need.  Do this before you start putting the reindeer together.  You will need 4 holes for the legs in one of the complete corks then on the other side from where you have done the leg holes, 1 for the neck.  In one of the half corks, again 1 for the neck and 2 on the other other side for the antlers.  I found that by holding the cork firmly, twisting and pushing quite hard on the screwdriver you can make the holes easily.
  • Now for assembly.  4 legs in, antlers into the head, then neck into the head then head onto the body.
  • Finally we added some decoration.  I used the secateurs to cut up some red pins so they could form the nose and we used various bits of wool, tinsel, ribbon etc to make some scarfs.



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