December Photo Fun – Week 3 – Red



Red was the theme chosen by the kids for the third week of this year’s DecemberPhotoFun and it was a lovely theme as it enabled contributors to link it to Christmas if they wanted to as, after all Red is a classic Christmas colour, but gave complete free rein when it came to interpretation and as always there have been lots of lovely photos.  The kids have chosen a single colour a couple of times before (green and yellow from memory) and I really like seeing the gallery with all the interpretations expressed through one vivid colour.  Red is one of the first colours ever used in art as ochre was mixed with iron oxide and used in cave paintings 170,000 years ago and is a colour that runs through many societies signalling as it can passion, love, warmth, life, beauty, danger, happiness, Christmas of course, socialism and is a colour that appears in many countries flags and sports kits.  Many of these were represented in the photos that came through this week.  As always click on the gallery to see all the photos as they came in and huge thanks for all who contributed (hope I haven’t missed anyone) and do let us know which ones you liked.






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