December Photo Fun 2013 – Week 4 – Curious


The kids chose Curious as the theme for Christmas week and I must admit that when they chose it I suspected that we might simply get lots of photos of wrapped presents but of course I was doing all of you who take part a disservice as you were bound to interpret the theme in lots of great ways, as well as a few presents.  I think that being curious is perhaps one of the best attributes you can have as a person and it’s something about myself that I’ve really grown to appreciate the older I get – a sense of wonder if you like at all that’s around me.  When I was younger my ability to day dream was legendary, my mind wandering all over the show and it’s something that I still do pretty much all the time.  I can vividly recall one of my teachers saying “Street, be careful or you will end up daydreaming your whole life away” – wow what a perfect thing I thought to spend my life in a state of daydream.  I think that my daydreaming then was and still is simply allowing my brain to be curious about stuff, whatever that is, and by doing so it helps keep it flexible, creative and open to ideas.  I’ve been reading some stuff on Einstein recently and one of the most interesting things was his passion (or curiosity) for the world around him which he summed up as follows:

I have no special talents.  I am only passionately curious

The gallery is a great example of this and none more so that the photo at the top where you can see the sense of wonder and curiosity in the little boys face as he looks at the image of himself on the phone screen, hopefully that curiosity will stay with him throughout his life.  Thanks as ever to all who took part, young and old alike, and as ever click on the gallery to open up and scroll through the various interpretations from Alice in Wonderland to Gay Cats ! and let us know what you liked and what made you curious.


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