December Photo Fun – Week 5 – Together


Our December Photo Fun project came to an end with the final week’s theme chosen by the kids being Together, a nice theme as I’m sure lots of us have been together as families over the last few weeks and / or came together with friends over the New Year.  It’s a bit weird having December Photo Fun go into January and I’m sure a few people were confused but I wasn’t sure how else to do it as the final week started in December even though it ended in January but as always you did not let us down.  I was chatting to one of the kids about the photofun themes that we’ve run for the last 18 months or so in various guises and one of them said to me that one of the things they liked most was the sheer variety of the photos and who they came from, everyone from children to very serious photographers and all points in between.  This got us talking about interpretation and how all people see things differently or through their own eyes, so even though we often have a bit of guess as to what people will send in we are always totally surprised.  Getting to understand that all people see things from their own perspective is such an important principle to understand as after all if people see the word ‘together’ in so many different ways then the same will apply to how they see the world, society, politics etc.  So having a play with photos can uncover some important truths about who we are as people and how we see the world.

As you will see from the gallery there have been some lovely interpretations of together and thank you so much to all who contributed to this week and the others throughout December, we’ve had lots of fun and hope you have too.  Click on the gallery to open it and scroll through the photos and do let us know what you liked.  We’ll have a little break now but will throw in the odd random Weekend Photo Fun and will do Half Terms and probably Easter before we roll back round to summer 2014 !  I have wondered how best to keep people informed of when we are doing a new theme, at the moment I just use twitter (@ianstreet67) but some will of course miss this.  I could set up an email list ?  If you are interested or have any other ideas then do let me know.

The other thing I’ve thought about doing is actually pulling all of the galleries that we have done, the summers, weekends, Decembers and creating a physical exhibition in a gallery.  Not sure how I’d go about doing this but again if you think it’s got legs or would be interested in helping do something like this then again get in touch.

Thanks to you all from me and the kids.  Cheers


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