The Humble Roast Potato


As much as I enjoy a good roast and making proper Yorkshire puddings the thing that really makes the roast for me is the humble roast potato or Roastie, I can’t think of anything that is so simple but when you get it right is so pleasurable to eat and is the perfect accompaniment to everything else on the plate.  I’ve been making them now for many years and experimented with various methods, types of potato, fat, herbs etc and have settled on this for the perfect roasties you see in the picture above.

Critical of course is the main ingredient, not all potatoes are the same or necessarily good for roasting.  The best variety that I’ve found is Maris Piper which I peel and cut into large golf ball sized chunks and then boil for around 8mins.  As soon as I put the potatoes on then the oven goes on hot and I put a roasting tray on the top shelf with a good few lugs of olive oil in.  Now I’ve tried different fats but for me olive oil works the best.  I drain the spuds and let them steam while washing and chopping up some fresh rosemary and then I give the spuds a good shake to loosen the edges which will, as we all know give the lovely crispy edges we all love.

The oil will now be piping hot when you take the tray out of the oven, tip the potatoes in with the rosemary,  a few bashed cloves of garlic, salt and pepper and turn all the potatoes so they are covered in the oil and the herbs.  Place in the hot oven for around 50 mins taken them out a couple of times to turn the potatoes over.  The results will be the perfect roastie, crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle.  Just one tip, cook more than you need as these bad boys are great for a midnight snack or of course as the base for bubble and squeak for Monday’s tea.  Yum


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