Morning Silence




Photo Credit : Carl Milner

You don’t have to get up quite yet but you know that you will shortly but in the time gap between those two events a rare and beautiful silence takes hold, seduced as you are by the cocoon like duvet wrapped around you.  The first rays are yet to chase the darkness away and no dogs, cars or children have risen, it’s just you and the slow soft breath of your somnolent partner.  In this no man’s land between sleep and awake your brain still has remnants  of last night’s dream that are drifting away as thoughts of the day become brighter.  They are not fully formed yet though and you don’t want them to be, instead letting them float around not focussing on them just letting them be.  You know that soon the silence and the uncluttered fluffy clouds of thinking will be broken and brought to order by all that modern life contains but for now revel in it, listen to the nothing and the peace that exists both outside and inside your head, then when you are ready dip a toe into the morning and begin to face the day.


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