I have a confession to make, I have a problem, a dark secret, an embarrassing trait that makes the rest of the family look at me strangely and makes my fellow citizens edge slightly away from me in alarm if they see me indulging in this fetish and that is I’m a book sniffer.  Actually magazines and journals actually provide the best hit for this particular addiction but I can’t pick up something that contains the printed word without holding the pages up to my nose fanning the pages and inhaling deeply as if I can somehow breath in the knowledge contained within.  The last few years have been a boon for this addiction as printing and binding processes have changed with environmental considerations bringing to the fore unbleached paper and different glues and ink.  I have until very recently thought that it was the paper that generated the smell but a printer told me it’s the ink and the glue combination that creates the sensation to excite the olfactory system and while I’m sure he was correct I still think of it as the paper.  There is not too my knowledge a name for this particular affliction so I’ve come up with Chartanidoramo (Paper, Smell, Love in Latin) but if you know different then please let me know, otherwise perhaps all other sufferers can adopt this name for our problem.  I think you see that I’m not on my own, that the world is full of other people you cannot resist burying their noses in books and magazines and there is no need to be afraid of us should you see one of us taking a furtive sniff, don’t panic we’re just chartanidoramo sufferers.


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