EasterPhotoFun 2014 – Week 1 – Clear


The latest in our series of photofun ideas sees the kids picking a couple of themes to do over the Easter holidays, the first theme being Clear.  With the clocks going forward and Spring allegedly here clear was a clever theme as we do tend to have a bit of a clear out at this time of year while at the same time the sky opens up a bit, brightness starts to creep in to our lives again and the views around us start to become clear.

I sometimes wonder whether we clear our minds a bit as we begin to look ahead towards summer.  I know that lots of people plan things looking forward around the new year but for me the start of spring always seems a more natural time to think ahead, you can feel the seasons changing compared to new year when you are still hunkering down in the depth of winter.

When you look at the series of photos sent in there is a lightness, a clarity, a playfulness apparent, horizons are being stretched and looked towards perhaps because the world starts to physically become clear and this helps us lift our heads, look ahead and perhaps see the path we need to take become clear.

As ever thanks so much to everyone who submitted a picture, it’s so appreciated and I hope you like the gallery.  To view the pictures in full as they were sent in just click on the gallery and you can scroll through them.  Do let us know which ones you like and hopefully you’ll continue to play along with us both in week 2 which starts tomorrow and in the various other photofun themes the kids come up with across the year.





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