EasterPhotoFun – Week 2 – Purple



The kids chose a colour – purple – for the second week’s theme of their Easter Holidays, they’ve thrown in a few other colours over the last two years and they always go down well.  I like that fact that people can take photos of all sorts of different things but the single colour unifies them all together creating something greater as a whole colour collage than the individual photos.

It was funny but as the photos came in realised that I don’t tend to think of purple as being a particularly ‘spring’ colour but it clearly is in the range of flowers that are sprouting up now resplendent in their purple foliage.  There was also some lovely takes on the theme Donnie and Marie singing Deep Purple, Prince in his Purple Rain threads and some purple prose from the mighty Hunter S Thompson.

It was generally a relatively quite week but as always we enjoy all of the contributions and thank you all for taking part.  The next photo fun will probably be during May half term which is the last week of may but we might throw in the odd random weekend one as well before the main six weeks of summer.



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