Bluebell Ride


I love riding single track through woods, it’s probably the favourite riding that I do even if, like much of my MTB riding I’m not much cop at it.  Apart from the beautiful flow lines that can be achieved there is something about the smell, sights and sounds of riding in woodland that I find perfect and of course these all change as you move through the seasons.  The autumn ferns and mulching vegetation, the quietness when the snow comes, the freshness and birdsong of spring and the dappled sunlight of summer are just some of the many many changes that take place.  There is then of course the paths that you ride, the roots that all change along with the seasons and the weather meaning that no two rides in the same woods on the same paths are ever actually the same.

There are some woods near me that are actually quite new to me but I’ve been introduced to them by the Garage Bikes crew and from a riding perspective there is something for every ability (even mine) and I found that it is an ideal place for me to try and slowly build up confidence, leave the bits I can’t ride but think about how I might one day and there are little sections that I can ride over and over thinking about body position and trying to improve.

This is what I was doing on Tuesday evening but as soon as I banked into the woods I was hit by the most amazing sight, what seemed like millions of bluebells providing a blanket covering throughout the wood, as I was riding it almost felt as though I was surfing on a blue wave.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen them so prevalent, maybe it’s the generally mild winter we’ve had.  Whatever the reason I’ve seen my local woods reveal themselves to me in a totally new light yet again, thank you nature.

10326518_226424750900243_951946220_n 10299733_709737305754319_2025796018_n 10299733_866302576720035_337640040_n 925685_793278337349597_84618962_n 10349589_1445730439006033_34246554_n 10261298_752395628114043_1750432341_n 10246167_695208963853992_1259065388_n


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