December Photo Fun – Week 5 – 2014 – Light


We finished off this years #Decemberphotofun with the theme of Light picked by the kids.  What I didn’t realise when they picked it is that we’d actually done light before, when we did random Weekend Photo Fun back in October 2013.  However by the time I realised this photos were already starting to come in so I thought let’s just go with it and I’m so glad I did as this week has seen some truly beautiful and clever interpretations of the theme.  Those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere at the moment don’t see as much of the light as we would perhaps like but when we do see it it casts such a brilliant glare due to the lowness and sharpness of the sun at this time of year.  I’ve been lucky to have been out riding a bit over the Christmas holidays and to ride up on the snowy moorland tops with sun bouncing off the brilliant white countryside has been a source of real pleasure.  Whilst I look forward to the warmth of spring and summer there is something amazing about the light at this time of year.

We have two real sources of light, the sun and that which we have managed to create ourselves, electric lights, flames, matches etc all of which are brilliantly captured as well as the light from distant stars which of course when it set out on it’s distant journey to our eyeballs there were no humans on the planet when it began, something I find quite sobering in it’s enormity.  It was a hard task this week to pick the picture to go at the top as there are so many that we liked, the young boy creating horns in the sunlight, the rugby pitch, gig, striking a match, light refracting through ice and lots of great landscapes.  In the end we thought the pic of Dent station was gorgeous, natural winter dusk light and the illumination from the station lights creating a pool of wintery warmth.

As always thanks to all of you who play along with the themes that the kids pick and make it so much fun, we had a lot of photos this week so I hope I’ve not missed any out.  Click on the gallery below and you can then scroll through the photos in all their loveliness.  We’ll carry on with our photo themes during 2015 in the school holidays, half terms etc and will also through in the odd random weekend one.  If you want to play along with us keep an eye out for the hashtag on twitter or give me a follow @ianstreet67.  Do let us know which pictures you liked, hope you enjoyed playing along with us and hope you all have a great 2015.  Thanks.


2 thoughts on “December Photo Fun – Week 5 – 2014 – Light

  1. A fab selection of photos for the last week – and a great theme. I’d forgotten it had been done before too! Difficult to choose a favourite, as so many candidates, but my top three would include the concert hands, concert lasers and the sun shining through a hand. Many thanks for organising it again.

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