The Mates Race

Saturday was the first mates race I’ve ever organised. Bloody fantastic fun 🙂

Roll back a couple of months, Kat and I are in our usual window seat at Laynes Expresso drinking coffee and talking about bikes.  We pondered the possibility of organising a mates race, getting some lasses together for a laugh on bikes…

We found a decent bit of trail to race on, kept the location quiet as it’s a public trail and we would be sharing it with other riders whilst we raced. 12 lasses turned up and rode/raced, we had a cracking quiet trail, sunshine and copious amounts of tea and cake.

Plan was simple, ride the route as many times as you wanted to practice then do two ‘official’ race runs, winners were announced from predetermined strava segments.

Prizes included 1st prize for fastest lap and most creative line choice… We made 1st place trophy then everyone who raced brought a £5 gift that was used as a spot prize.
To make things interesting the shop built up a kids bike from spares and that was used to race the track in the ‘most inappropriate bike’ category. Swooping down berms on a kids bike certainly caused alot of amusement.

After the unofficial prize-giving we retired to local pub for drinks and giggles.

Proper top day out riding bikes with mates.

IMG_20150326_115955 IMG_20150326_115738 IMG_20150322_073944 IMG_20150321_153334 IMG_20150321_144939 IMG_20150321_145046 IMG_20150321_145310 IMG_20150321_084600 IMG_20150321_144719


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