Photos from far and wide- April 14.

Following my photos in January and it’s great success I enlisted the help of 9 others to join up for an April version of the same thing. Now before you think this is a group of people who all live in Leeds, you are mistaken, these photos come far and wide and have winged their way locally from Leeds, Sheffield, Chester, and Llandinum (its in Wales before you ask!).

I have had great fun collating all the pictures and seeing how people have interpretated the project, and one of the things that sticks out to me is my connection that I have to all the people. The mix of people involved include friends from twitter, neighbours, bestest chums, a friends sisters as well as a few of my family members.

The photos show imagination, excitement, fun and great colour and to me illustrate the commonality I have with all the people involved despite some of us being 100s of miles apart. Unsurprisingly there have been similar images of gardening, craft, cooking, food, the outdoors and architecture and all stand out as things that bring you all together through me.

Whilst gathering the images I asked for some feedback from people, the comments overall highlight that its been enjoyable, and has mainly enabled people to consider positive things and fun activities they have been doing. Below are some of their thoughts….

“Its been fun doing this but even more fun looking back over the last month and seeing how different each day is”

“I enjoyed taking the time out to find something special everyday, even in the ordinary like a trip to the gym. It’s so easy to forget and whizz past what’s important so this made me focus on that. The everyday, ordinary, important stuff!”

“It’s a tiny bit of mindfulness that makes you appreciate the good things”

“The days that just involve waking up, working and coming home can be tough, and it has been really rewarding to identify something that has made me smile”

“Had lovely time taking photos. focused the mind on particular point in the day”

“Doing the April ‘photo a day’ was great fun. It was sometimes hard to remember to do as time flies by at the moment and I struggled to not make every picture of my little boy (being an obsessed parent)”

“Surprisingly I never forgot to take a photo. Unsurprisingly they seem to reflect a busy life”.

Hope you enjoy looking at the photos, and thank you to everyone involved.

Daisy xx




Daisy’s Veggie Week…..

I have been a meat eater for all of my 31 years, and in recent times the majority of my family have all turned into veggies! Now, I’m not adverse to a veggie dish, I’ve eaten many a veggie sausage and aubergine bake, however I am also partial to a juicy burger and a good old roast chicken!
Over the last few months I started to ponder…. I realised I was pretty much eating meat once a day, if not twice and figured it isn’t great for me. So I decided that from the 23rd of March no meat would pass my lips for one week and actually it was pretty easy!

So what did I eat? I borrowed a good veggie recipe book by Rose Elliot from a friend and decided that if I prepared some meals then that would work better, otherwise I would get in from work and have no energy to start from scratch. My creations included a aubergine and tomato bake, and a spinach and green bean flan, which were very tasty. I also had a few meals out, which I thought would be challenging, but actually quite liked the fact I had only 3 dishes to choose from on the menu! I had some beautiful food at Jamie’s Italian and Meze (a greek place in Brighouse, pics enclosed)

I had a few dips, mainly when I was tired after a tough week at work and just craved protein! and also a moment in Asda when I was perusing meat crisps, wondering if they counted, it was ok, there was no meat in them!
Overall, I felt better for eating more vegetables and like anything, you get out what you put in, so making an effort with cooking paid off. The week has come to an end…. how did I celebrate? A good old roast HAM!!!

Daisy’s daily pics!

At the start of this New Year I decided to take a photo everyday of something I had done, experienced, a place I had been to etc. It was my nod at being more mindful about what I was doing day to day (I’m terrible for running from one thing to the next) and to create some record of cool things I had done, and it worked!

This month has been ace, I’ve been road tripping to Welsh Wales to see chums, over the water to The Big Apple to see my brother and had a pretty good few weeks at work. Many of the images do contain food I confess, a few home made creations as well as trips out to favourite haunts, both new and old. Can you guess where I’ve been?

It’s been great and I’ve realised how important connecting with people is to me, and that focusing on something good every day made me feel more positive. If I did ever feel fed up a quick review of the photos made me feel better! How could you not smile at a heart froth cappuccino, a sickly Greggs cake from your work pal, the hail stone storm you got stuck in, the beautiful Kirkstall Abbey, and an all star American breakfast?

Join me in April when I will be doing the photo a day project again, I’ve already roped my welsh chum and big sister in!

Daisy x