True Heavy Metal – Robots play Ace of Spades


Ever since the earliest experiments with artificial intelligence and robotics there have been scientists and others beavering away trying to develop the ultimate robot (have none of them watched Terminator !) which have resulted in table tennis robots, football robots and robots that can walk up and down stairs amongst many others.  I’ve seen plenty of robotic bands over the years but none that were actually robots but now be afraid as Compressorhead featuring the band members Stickboy, Fingers and Bones, offer the true definition of Heavy Metal with their version of Ace of Spades.  Check out Stickboy the multi armed drummer who is definitely my fav.  Apparently they will be playing live this year at the Big Bash festival in Australia !  They’ve still got some way to go though.  Thanks to @AlbFreeman for alerting me to this metal madness.